Marwari Mehandi

India is blessed with many type of healthy herbs and plants that’s why India is also known as land of Ayurveda. Different part of these herbs have many types of uses with different type of herbs and every herb have his own specialty where many herbs usage came to be used as rituals. One of them herb mehandi or henna is come from them. Henna have his own many health benefits. That’s the reason too why people applying mehandi on hand and arms or feet and legs before their wedding and after marriage also.

India have many type of cultures and religions. Every culture have their own rituals and every culture applied mehandi or henna. From many years MARWARS, PEOPLE OF MEWAR,RAJASTHAN people known as Marwaris. Mehandi has become a part of rituals from many years. But mehandi is an ayurved herbal plant which cures your body from many diseases it reduces headache, fever, migraines. Mehandi also work as anti-ageing. It also detoxifies your body and promotes healthy skin, make growth or hair and nails.

Marwari’s also having a ritual called “Mehandi ki raat”. In this ceremony from both side of bride and groom’s family are gathered. But apart from funny pre-wedding ritual this ceremony refers to the love and affection between bride and groom and there family too. And also believe that if the mehandi become darker it indicates to the love between bride and grooms is long lasting and more precious.

Marwari mehandi designs are reflects the “rajasthaniculture”. Marwari’s have design for everyone whether it is a married lady or a bachelor that’s the reason why Marwari’s are more popular in this criteria. Like raja ranidesign which refer to the bridal and that indicate to his marriage. Peacock designs on hands symbolize that Rajasthan is a land of peacock where you find many peacock here and there. Marwari also make beautiful ornaments type mehandi design on feet which make a bride or any lady more gorgeous.  The one unique design they have is the combination of raja rani, peacock pattern and also include lord ganesha on hands.