Heavy Mehandi

In India applying Mehandi is a ancient tradition in India. Every girl even bachelor or any age group are very excited on marriage and festival because they knew that they have to apply Mehandi which make them more beautiful than before. Adorning the hand and legs with applied Mehandi is very trendy among ladies and girls since many years. This is a ornament for every females without which any festival looks incomplete and boring. 

Mehandi is traditional thing that used since many years. And also there are many Mehandi pattern which used by ladies according to their occasion or any festival. They make their Mehandi more beautiful with some intricate motifs, floral designs that covers the hands without any gap in between that make their hands more beautiful they also use their back of hands that also a part of Mehandi design and leg too. Many females like to be drawn Mehandi with some colors which make them more adorable in first sight. You can try many color out there in any market.

There is infinite type of Mehandi design available in the world which is applied according to situation. Many Mehandi’s are simple but looking gorgeous but some Mehandi are Heavy Mehandi design which look extremely elegant on any festival or any occasion or any events too. 

Rajasthani Mehandi design also come in Heavy Mehandi design because it contains raja rani, peacock and hathi Mehandi design and many type of creatures which is make heavy effect on hands. Also they use mirror effect like one hand Mehandi is exact look like other one. It’s is traditionally rajasthani style which is heavy, difficult and fully covering the hands. Ladies also demands to covering full hands till the arms with heavy effects and they also demands for legs and foot too. Because more heavy design more beautiful they are with Mehandi. 

Mehandi have also a option for those females who loves permanent tattoo but afraid of pain or any reason. They can also apply temporary Mehandi which make the same effect as well as tattoo gives. With this mehandi tattoos instead of permanent ink tatto females can use backless dresses with back tattoo and sleeveless dresses where arms are full of Mehandi tattoo on any special occasion or any marriage etc. This makes a women more beautiful and adorable.