Arabian Mehandi

Wedding season is coming and everyone those have marriage in their own home is busy for shopping for bride and other family members. And the brides also busy to decide which dress they suits and jewelries too. But one thing is most important in that session because of bridal become more beautiful and gorgeous the product is “Mehandi”. Mehandi is a thick paste which is applied by a mehandi designer to hands or legs. It will be any type of design on anywhere in body as per demand of a client.

Mostly bridal are applied mehandi on full hands to arms and feet to full leg to knee. This makes her more beautiful and a unique person on her wedding ceremony. Where other women love to apply this only on hand and back side of hand and foot only. But some ladies are happy after applying only on hands. Many types of mehandi forms are applied and many types of uniquedesign are applied too as per requirements. Any designer can customize his design about his client but they also have pre defined designs. One of them a design is “Arabian Mehandi”.

As the name suggest Arabian Mehandi is indicate to Arabian countries and this also getting popular in Asia especially in India and Pakistan because mehandi is most popular thing in India and Pakistan only but as well as many people use mehandi in other countries but not as much as India do.

Arabian Mehandi design is complete with some floral artwork and free flowing structure in a vertically continous pattern. Lot of motifs are made by designers on palm and on hands also on back of the hand with varied designs. The surrounding space of motifs is also covered by branches and buds.

There is two type of mehandi used while designing Arabian mehandi is the natural color or a black color mehandi. Where natural color mehandi use to make design while black color mehandi use to make outline of mehandi which make it more beautiful.

The way of Arabian Mehandi makes it unique is the design of veils and flowers drawn across diagonally on palm and arms. Also the other thing of uniqueness is the all design is repeated but it’s not make it fade but its look more better.