General Mehandi

General Mehandi is one of the most auspicious accessories. It is one of the ’16 Shringhars’ of Indian bridal customs. It does have an emotional touch. It has to be special for the most special day.


This style significantly offers floral arabic and thick typical arabic designs whose concept is derived from Arab countries.

Our Mehndi designs come out intuitively with varied imagination without any reference to books. We apply our ability as a fashion to have mehendi stripes on shoulder, upper arm, wrists and on back of the palms.

No Indian wedding is ever complete without Mehndi. Exclusive contemporary designs, exotic patterns by Bridal Mehndi Specialist.Prakash’s most liked feature is the speed with superior finishing & clarity for the Best Bridal Mehndi work.

Mehndi pattern of India correspond to the birds and tropical plants. Designs consist of delicate paisleys, lace-like tracery, peacocks, mangoes, leaves, hearts, and faces.

This style of mehndi is the style consisting the concept of flowers and leaves designs. It is also called the Dubai Style Mehndi.

Indian Style

Indian traditions and wedding rituals are incomplete without henna. Indian henna application style varies from just a small dot and covering fingertips with henna to very complex and intricate designs. These complex designs are usually applied during festivities like Karwa Chauth, weddings, etc. It takes a couple of hours to finish design on one hand.

A very simple yet stylish design that is perfect for every occasion and for days when there’s no specific occasion too. It goes well with western attire too. Simply unique!

A very simple and modern design that looks like the trending hand harness accessory. It looks very elegant and can add a lot of style and charm to your overall look.

Floral Henna Designs

Floral designs are some of the most commonly used designs by floral designs henna artists. These designs can be incorporated almost within every design and are frequently used for filling gaps, shading, etc. Floral patterns are commonly used for special events and in bridal henna designs. A floral designs henna artist usually clubs floral themes with other patterns to create varied designs.

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