Designer Mehandi




Mehandi is also known as henna. Mehandi is used in any type of occasion or festival or marriage by ladies no matter that they are married of unmarried there is no any boundation to apply mehandi in hands. Mehandi is only applied by the professionals because any untrained person don’t do this in short time with beautiful designs and neat and clean.

Mahesh is a expert of mehandi designer. Mahesh can draw any type of design in hands and feet too. Designer mehandi is a symbol and respect of a designer. Another fact that is, if your mehandi left a dark colour after applying mehandi in hands that indicates that your husband is more lovable then anyone.

Everyone wants a designer mehandi obviously no one can live with the rubbish design on hands in daily life. Mahesh is one of the best designer mehandi expert that implement any type of design in hands or feet.

There is lot of type of mehandi you never ever seen.

Moroccan Mehndi Design

This mehandi design come from middle-east; this Moroccan mehandidesing is drawn by draw some square, rectangle and triangle type of box merge together. After applying this design you can customize by yourself to draw any pattern any flower to make it more interesting. You can apply this design on hands, leg, back or neck also.

Bangle Style Mehndi Design

Bangle style mehandi design as you got the “bangle” word in topic. So this mehandi design is consist of Bangle Style made by mehandi paste on wrist.  This is becoming more popular now a days. This design gives you a best look rather than any simple designed mehandi. You can also Arabic style in mehandi which is look more beautiful.

The Lace Glove

This design is refer to the lacy design on the wrist or on the back of hands. This is unique design and modern pattern design. This lacy glove design give you the illusion of wearing a lace glove.  In this design designer take a petal type pattern that create a lacy glove look. You can create this design till the arms or wrist or just fingers. This design is more beautiful on a bridal hand.

Minimalist Mehndi Pattern

Minimal mehandi pattern contain simple pattern of mehandi on hand or back of hand. This is very simple designed mehandi pattern which is also too beautiful. And it is different from any other usual mehandi designs because this pattern have no more details just simple design.